The Art of Conservation

Art and conservation… Two wonderful things! I was recently inspired by an exhibition by local artist Matt Falle ( whose work in Madagascar was sponsored by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Highlighting conservation issues, including the need to involve local communities, his style shows us that in a complicated world, there is a certain need for simplicity. I did a couple of (very) quick drawings influenced by these beautifully unique artworks.

Though I’ve never had the privilege of visiting Madagascar, I’ve been lucky enough to volunteer with some of the fascinating creatures which dwell from there at Durrell Wildlife park in Jersey. The charismatic lemurs and shy aye-ayes, all of which are competing against deforestation in their native habitat, add to the unique ecosystem of the country and conservationists are trying their darnedest to protect them from extinction. With such unique cultures and wildlife, the country really deserves protection and recognition as a prime ecological hot spot. Artists showcasing their work on such matters really does bring a fresh perspective on the matter.

And here’s a picture of a ring tailed Lemur and a Sifaka dancing (courtesy of BBC: Last Chance to See)



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